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Cigar Strength 101
Part 4 of 4

Today we are going to wrap up the series on Cigar Strength with a conversation about Full Strength cigars.

Strength Profiles

Full Strength Cigars
Full Strength Cigars have a high volume of nicotine, and some say you can “feel” the nicotine on your lips (tingle or buzz). A full-strength cigar provides an intense smoking experience, and some long-time cigar smokers ay it provides a buzz like drinking a glass of bourbon too quickly, therefore we recommend having so experience with mild and medium cigars under your belt before jumping into a full-strength cigar. A full-strength cigar pairs perfectly with a bourbon or scotch after a nice steak or seafood dinner.

Providing a bold, intense smoking experience these cigars often provide a bold and flavorful body with intense flavor notes of cacao, chocolate, espresso, leather, and wood. Each draw is rich in nicotine and well pronounced flavor notes from the tobacco, taking the smoker on a journey into one of life’s luxuries.

In closing, we want you to remember that strength refers to the level of nicotine content and intensity of tobacco. Additionally, the complexity and flavor profile is not dependent on the strength of the cigar. The most important part of this wonderful journey is to experiment with different cigars with different strength cigars as you build your palate in order to develop your preference.

Stay smoky friends!

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