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The Elevated Humidor

The Elevated Humidor is devoted to enjoying one of life's luxuries! 

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Our Mission: To blend cigars that the boldness of flavor out performs the strength of a cigar.

Living the Elevated Life!

It is our firm belief that every person deserves to live the elevated life! Whether it is picking up a cigar, mixing the perfect cocktail, or preparing a meal, it is our goal to help elevate the experience. 

While enjoying one of life's luxuries, it is important to slow down and relax. It is why our locations section will include recommendations on outdoor set-ups, info on local lounges, and our favorite destinations around the country.

Here at The Elevated Humidor, we believe in cultivating life-long friendships. Some of our favorite cigars have been experienced among friends! 

We invite you to follow our Facebook page, or request to join our private Facebook group to talk cigars, share recipes, and see where your cigar takes you!

Curated Cigars for Every Palate

The Elevated Humidor is focused on curating a unique blend of cigars for our members. Each month will feature a new assortment of cigars from the brands you know and those yet discovered. 

The Elevated Humidor offers subscription boxes to keep your humidor full, a cigar of the month club, and the opportunity to shop for a variety of brands from our humidor.  

Elevated Events

Keep an eye out on our home page or follow us on Facebook and Insta to learn about our local events that include cigars, food, and amazing drinks (cocktails, bourbon, and coffee). 

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