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Cigar Reviews

One of the most enjoyable parts of the journey to developing your palate is the requirement to learn about and smoke a wide variety of premium cigars. If you are a novice or a seasoned cigar smoker there is always something to learn from other brother/sisters of the leaf.

Below you will find reviews from our customers and of some of our favorite cigars and have an opportunity to rate your cigars delivered to your door from The Elevated Humidor. 

T.E.H. Customer Reviews

The Elevated Humidor Cigar Reviews!

I freaking loved this flying pig. Begins with cedar sweetness, anise, and baking spice. At the halfway mark, a powdered cocoa flavor joins but transitions to a creamy cocoa in the final third. The smoke has a floral aroma. Perfect burn. - J. Smith


This stick was fire! Like a FBB but better. I enjouyed the sweet tip as it was not oversweet and the flavor lighted as you smoked it after the 1/3 allowing the flavor of the tobacco shin. G.C. 


I am going to need some more Dark Cin in my next order! - C


The flavor and draw are excellent. It's just as your described medium with a mild finish. - Jeremy F.


Product Details?: Excellent & Helpful

How often do you purcase cigars?: Monthly

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Cigar notes.jpg

Cold draw: dark earth, hay dry leather, draw is pretty effortless with a hint of restriction.
Smoked at: the freestyle drew estate event
Smell before light: hay a bit of earth slight grassiness to it. 
Cut: v cut
Construction: looks dark with a slight oily sheen, seams slightly visible, even feel when pressing slightly, no knots found.
Initial light flavors: dry leather a medium coffee, hint of creaminess, draw has slight restriction, retrohale dark chocolate maybe cocoa powder slight black pepper spice
Burn: curve in the burn line.
First third: slight natural sweetness, same flavors as initial light first touch up. Ash fell off at beginning of 2nd third.
2nd third: pepper on retro increased. Flavors from the first third increased, retro flavors increased as well.  Slight correction in burn. Burn corrected half way through no touch up.  Ash fell 3/4 of the way through second third.
Final third: all flavors so far returned to first third strength. No touch ups. This gets a little soft at this point, so a pick/nubber may not work well.

Final thoughts: this is a fantastic flavorful cigar. Burn line got a bit wonky. Depending on how often you take a puff the strength increases. This to me is seriously at minimum a $10 -$20cigar. I would be delighted to pay 12$ for this smoke. This is a very SOLID smoke. Rating: 9 - lost a point for the burn line, and softness of the final third.

Cigar Reviws

Cigar Reviews


One of our favorite sticks. 
Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust: 

Subremesa Brulee 

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Toro – 6 x 52
Purchased at a local B&M Cigar Shop


Before the light

The band is beautiful and intricate. The wrapper was an even light brown with a light sheen. The construction is excellent with no flaws throughout the length of the cigar. The aroma from the wrapper is a little grassy and blonde wood.

The cold draw highlights an amazing draw and provides a sweet taste with hints of molasses, cedar, and chocolate.

The Smoke

The cigar toasted well using a single flame after using a V-cut. The cigar toasted evenly and established a good burn line. The cigar burned well for approximately 75 minutes throughout the third-third with no relights. The carbon line was thin highlighting the excellent construction and leaf quality. The ash held about an inch into the cigar, then required occasional disposal. While the ash was salt and pepper there was noticeably more white color indicating the tobacco had been worked well.   Additionally, the smoke coming off the foot was light to medium depending on how often I took a draw on the cigar. The smoke from the v-cut was creamy and provided an enjoyable experience each draw.


The flavor on the first draw reinforced the cold draw with burst’s of sweetness and chocolatey espresso notes. The cedar and molasses of the cold draw are found in the second-third of the cigar, but only heightened the sweetness. The third-third provided very similar flavor notes, although diminished when compared to the first-third.



The finish of the cigar was pleasant with no hints of bitterness or ash flavor.

Our Rating

The Elevated Humidor team rates this cigar as a 92 based on our scoring scale looking at 10 different components with scores of 1 – 10.

Based on the score of 92, we believe this is a cigar that should be tried at least a couple of times. We plan to go back to it occasionally as one of our favorite cigars on the market today.

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