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What cigar should I start smoking?

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Maybe you have a lighter and cigar cutter. You might even have a few cigars laying around that you’re not ready to smoke. Note: It’s completely normal to have cigars and not be ready to smoke them for weeks, months or years. You might have chosen the cigar or been given it, but sometimes the cigar chooses the time you smoke it. As long as they’re properly being humidified, feel free to save it until the right time. 


Until you know your pallet preference, we recommend smoking a mild cigar. Our Starter Packs come with three cigars, all options we think are great introductory smokes. Cigars will range from mild, to medium, to bold/full bodied. Here at The Elevated Humidor, we believe there’s also a medium + strength, but that’s another topic for another article. If smoking more than one cigar of different strengths, you’ll want to start with the mildest cigar and work your way up to the boldest one you have. Want more info on cigar strengths? Check out, How strong is my cigar? We hope you enjoy one of life’s little luxuries.

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