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Have you read a cigar review and ever wondered how did they come up with that score? Have you ever wanted to be a part of the panel that gets to rate cigars? Us too! 

That is why we developed the below guide to help you (and us) rate a cigar. While there are other systems out there and maybe some better ones, we felt this was an easy and simple way to become a part of the judging panel! 
Simply rate each section on the Impression (1-10) and total up your score to find out the proper rating. The closer to 100, the more elevated the cigar!

Ever want to do blind ratings? That is why we developed The Big Reveal event. Check out events page to find the details of the next event near you!

Impression (1 - 10)

Appearance: A cigar's appearance speaks to the quality of the cigar. Is it smooth, rough, oily, splotchy, and/or veiny.
Construction: A cigar should be firm with some give when you gently squeeze it. The cap and wrapper should remain intact throughout the smoking experience.
Aroma: Pre-lit and during your smoke each cigar has a distinct aroma. Before lighting does the cigar entice you? When smoking is there a seductive cloud of smoke and aroma?
Burn: A cigar should have a nice, clean, and even burn line at the foot of the cigar. There should be an even and firm ash develop as you smoke it. A flaky, uneven ash is messy and undesirable.
Draw: A cigar should have a steady draw of air passing through it to maintain an enjoyable smoking experience. Too loose or tight hinders the enjoyment and taste (flavor).
Smoke: The foot of the cigar will smoke and the amount desired is subjective. Is the smoke on the draw creamy and light, or darker and thick?
Flavor/Taste: While flavor can vary based on preference, a cigar is great, good, bad, or horrible.
Strength: A cigar's strength is measured by the boldness of flavor and nicotine strength. Generally full-bodied, medium, or mild.
Finish: The finish refers to the taste that remains on your palate between draws, and the aftertaste when done.
Complexity: Complex cigars offer transitions of taste in each third of the cigar and stimulates a variety of areas of your palate

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