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How strong is my cigar?

Mild, Medium, Bold/Full Bodied.

Maybe you have googled cigar strengths before and fell down the rabbit hole of what that exactly means. To put it simply, the bolder the cigar, the higher the level of nicotine. If you have never smoked a cigar before and choose a Bold/full bodied cigar, it can make you feel sick and nauseous - which will quickly eliminate any sort of relaxing state you might have been in. 

Another commonly misunderstood concept of cigars is that you can tell how strong a stick is by its color. While sometimes a dark cigar equates to a bold/full bodied cigar, that isn’t a reputable guide to a cigar's strength. The only true way to know a cigar's strength is by reading a description of it (if shopping online/one is provided in the humidor) or talking to a tobacconist. The most important thing when looking at the strength of a cigar, is to enjoy smoking it. It’s easy to fall into the pattern of the longer or more cigars you smoke, the stronger it has to be. Cigar aficionados all over the world enjoy different strengths, and here at The Elevated Humidor, you will never find us encouraging you to smoke anything you don’t enjoy! In fact, we fully believe in the cigar smoking experience providing relaxing vibes. Want to know more about our passion to enjoy one of life’s little luxuries? Take a look at, The Elevated Humidor: Our Mission

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