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What is a cigar long ash, why is it important, and how do I get it?
When you light a cigar and smoke it, the burning end of the cigar will produce ash. We could spend some time on the different colors and types of cigar ash, but that’s another post for another time. Some believe that the ability to have an exceptionally long ash on their cigars is directly related to a well constructed cigar. A long ash can be a source of pride for cigar aficionados, and there are even competitions to see who can have the longest ash on their cigar. 
A long ash can keep the cigar from burning too hot and enrich the flavor profiles in your stick. Here at TEH, we firmly believe that taste is a unique part of each individual person and varies based on your taste buds. You may get certain flavor profiles that don’t match up with someone else smoking the same cigar. 
What’s considered a long ash? There’s no definite answer. Some recommend an inch or more. We recommend whatever feels right for you. If striving to have an 8-inch ash stresses you out and robs you of the joy of smoking a cigar, it’s not worth it. It’s important to remember on your quest for having the longest ash that you don’t make it so long that it breaks before you are expecting. This can make a mess. Additionally, if your ash happens to break on your clothes or the ground, that's better than the ash falling on your skin. Cigar ash burn is real, and it stings. You have been warned.
To the how to’s! Some will say you have to smoke your cigar vertically and not move the entire time. While that can help, we haven’t found that to be necessary, and we have achieved some great long ash here at TEH. We wouldn’t suggest throwing your cigar around like a frisbee, but unless you are in a competition, remaining frozen for the duration of an entire smoke seems the opposite of relaxing. Another thing to keep in mind is the blend of the cigar. Some are better than others in establishing a long ash. You will want to avoid cigars that are mixed or short-filled. While those blends can be a great smoke, those cigars just aren’t constructed to hold a long ash. We’ve found some of our best ashes have come just by being patient and enjoying the cigar. When we are smoking a cigar with the intention of going for a long ash, we will not set it down on the ashtray until we are ready to shed the ash. When doing this type of research, we always have a second cigar purely for the enjoyment of the cigar. We also try to ensure an even burn by taking consistent draw intervals. Have you achieved a long ash you want to share, or maybe you want to see some pictures of what we are talking about? Head over to our Facebook community!

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