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Cigar Strength 101
Part 1 of 4

Let’s talk about cigar strength.

The strength of a cigar refers to the strength of the tobacco and amount of nicotine. The strength can come from the binder and filler, or the wrapper. In many cases it is a combination of the tobacco used to roll the cigar.


One myth is the color or type of wrapper (outer layer – the dress of the cigar) determines the strength of the cigar. An example of this myth is all maduro cigars are strong or full-bodied cigars, or all Connecticut cigars are mild in strength. The truth is the blend of the cigar determines the tobacco strength and nicotine content. When blending cigars, the blender has a destination in mind, and here at The Elevated Humidor we offer a darker maduro wrapper (Dark Cin) that is blended to be mild and smooth when most maduros are medium+ cigars.


Another myth is the strength of the wrapper and blend dictates the flavor of the cigar. Thankfully, the flavor of the cigar comes from the various leaves used in the blending process to arrive at the desired flavor profile. A flavorful tobacco leaf does not mean it has a higher strength. In the same manner, a stronger leaf does not necessarily mean that it is robust with flavor. The two are not inclusive. Unfortunately, we have smoked cigars that were potent in strength but lacked in flavor. On the other hand, we smoked some mellow to mild cigars full of flavor. In fact, our mission is to blend cigars that the flavor outperforms the strength of the cigar. We provide a core line that offers a variety of strengths to provide enjoyment for each cigar smoker as we truly believe that every cigar should be full of flavor.

One final note before diving into the various strengths of a cigar, the cigar’s body is referring to flavor and not strength. In reading many blogs or reviews it is often used interchangeably with strength, but body and strength are two distinct aspects of a cigar. Stay smoky friends!

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