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Cigar Strength 101
Part 2 of 4

Let’s continue the conversation about cigar strength.

Here in Part 2 of 4, the conversation will dig into cigar strengths and the flavor notes you might find in them.

If you did not catch Part 1, find it here

Strength Profiles

Mellow to Mild Strength Cigars  
Mild-strength cigars have a lower amount of nicotine in them and therefore have a milder strength. They are light cigars, perfect for earlier in the day or with a refreshing drink. Perfect for new cigar smokers offering a mellow and relaxing smoking experience. While some say the flavor (body) of these cigars is lacking, we disagree. We believe that mellow to mild strength cigars can have some of the most complex blends and offer a smooth, creamy sensation that is relaxing and flavorful.  

Any cigar smoker wanting to work in developing their palate should start with mild cigars to start learning to pick out broader flavors such as cedar, cream, almonds, citrus, and sweetness.

Stay smoky friends!

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